Simple Click To Call Services for Australian Business

Does your business need to generate more customers?.

Click2Call or Click 2 Call are a virtual telecommunication product which every business should have.

For more information regarding 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers please look through out website more.

Simple Telecom does more than just Fax To Email, we have a range of products which are built specifically for home, small and medium business. 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers Answering Services Australia are by far the most exciting products. These can revolutionise how your business operates and streamline operations in your office, not to mention the cost and envrionmental savings by reducing the paper consumption of that fax machine.


Ensure all your website visitors have a free alternative for contacting your business.


Using our advanced management and reporting tools, track your page performace and call data.


All Customers want something for free, so if they can talk to you for free, its a win in their mind.

Click To Call is an exciting new product which is set to revolutionise online advertising and website efficency. Now you can provide your website visitors the ability to make a free phone call to you. Visitors simply type in their phone number and push the button in a special form we can help you incorporate to your website.

Our Click To Call System will then dial the person specified for that webpage. Once you or one of your staff members answer the phone the system dials the website visitor and connects them to you!

You can even specify your opening hours, setup custom messages on the button, block mobiles and have email notifications.

We allow International destinations as well at very competitive rates.


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